ISBDC Success Stories

JA Frate

JA Frate was able to affect change from within and develop a product strategy that allowed them to serve the changing needs of the transportation business. By working with the ISBDC, the JA Frate team was able to analyze their current work processes to identify opportunities to improve internal work processes and increase their productivity. They engaged their entire work team in the process to review their business, identify new market opportunities and develop an entire new product line.

Position Tech

Position Tech employees

Position Tech is an innovative product to help competitive athletes gain a leg up in the world of field sports.

Position Tech was founded by former NCAA athletes who realized that in the history of football footwear, cleats have never been designed for specific positions on the field. Despite the different positions and needs of players on the field, everyone still wears the same replacement cleats. Position Tech is a removable cleat designed to augment the specific foot movement of skilled positions.

The founders of Position Tech came to the ISBDC at MCC after developing the initial idea in a NIU business class. Two years later, Position Tech is available in numerous national sporting retailers as well as online. Together with the ISBDC, Position Tech worked through product development, prototyping, and developing a business plan to go out for funding.

Today, Position Tech's manufacturing is outsourced to both domestic and international partners and  utilizing a team of 16 independent sales reps to advance their sales with catalogs, online resellers, and regional and national retailers.